4 Strategies to Encourage Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings in Southern New Hampshire

4 Strategies to Encourage Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings in Southern New Hampshire

Around a quarter of all Americans are in HOAs or similar organizations. However, despite being in the HOAs, HOA homeowners aren't always keen on attending HOA meetings. Why is that?

People have priorities and they may not always feel heard at those meetings. Engaging with the HOA community may not seem important or valuable to an independent homeowner.

We're here to tell you how you can encourage better meeting attendance and truly engage your HOA community. Read on to learn more.

1. Offer Virtual Options

Virtual HOA meetings started being a thing in 2020, and we believe they should always be available. There should always be a virtual option for your HOA community. Yes, the main meeting can be in person as usual, but let people who can't otherwise make it tune in from their phones or laptops.

Your HOA homeowners are busy people. They have jobs, families, school, and other responsibilities. They may not be able to leave what they're doing to come see the HOA board.

Virtual meetings allow people to get involved from wherever they are.

2. Engage Homeowners During Meetings

If you want homeowners to come to your meetings, you need to make the meetings worthwhile for them. If the meetings just consist of the HOA board discussing issues amongst themselves, homeowners won't want to go.

During your HOA meetings, engage homeowners. Ask for their feedback on things that are relevant to them, like where their HOA fees are going or any upcoming events.

HOA meetings are great opportunities to take feedback from homeowners. Make sure you implement that feedback so homeowners see the value in attending.

3. Keep It Brief

Again, people are busy. Keep the meetings as brief as is reasonably possible. Create an agenda and stick to it.

If the HOA develops a reputation for holding long and boring meetings, you'll see fewer and fewer homeowners attending. Short, sweet, and to the point is key.

4. Choose the Right Times

Whether you're hosting in-person or online meetings, you need to make sure you're choosing times that are convenient for as many homeowners as possible.

Too many HOA leaders make the mistake of choosing times that work for them without considering the needs of others. They may only focus on the standard nine-to-five schedule without considering that many people have alternative schedules.

We recommend polling homeowners in the HOA about times that work for them. You should choose the time that works best for the largest number of people.

Improve Attendance at Your HOA Meetings This Year

Poor HOA meeting attendance? Try these tips to get more homeowners to attend your HOA meetings. Choose a good time, allow virtual options, keep meetings brief, and engage your HOA homeowners to make meetings feel worthwhile.

You'll start seeing better attendance before you know it.

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